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A place to indulge

A distinguished address at the nexus of culture and luxury. Just beyond your doorstep, you'll find a panoply of fine art, exquisite dining, and peaceful nature.


All that glitters is golden

Discover an opulent hideaway with the buzz of downtown at its doorstep. The Golden Square Mile is both peaceful and compelling, both historically significant and timelessly relevant. It’s where the tucked-away feeling of a private club meets unsurpassed proximity – a gated community without the gate, right in the city centre.

Holt Renfrew Ogilvy

Here, you'll find some of the most delicious bites and sips in town, countless private galleries brimming with unique pieces, and distinguished shopping destinations for all of life's finer things.

Our Heritage
Maison Boulud - Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Noteworthy neighbours

  1. 1 Musée Beaux-Arts
  2. 2 Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  3. 3 Four Seasons Hotel
  4. 4 Les Cours Mont-Royal
  5. 5 Chateau D’Ivoire
  6. 6 Holt Renfrew Ogilvy
  7. 7 McGill University
  8. 8 Beatrice (restaurant)
  9. 9 Marcus (restaurant)
  10. 10 Bar George (restaurant)
  11. 11 Maison Boulud (restaurant)
  12. 12 Mount Royal

Excellence lives here

Boasting 200 years of academic prestige, McGill University is more than a school – it's an institution that's renowned the world over. With a lush, sprawling campus located just a stone's throw from Du Musée, McGill's tangible sense of wisdom and distinction can be felt in the very essence of our address.

McGill University

Not only is the Golden Square Mile a Montreal icon – it's also a window to the world. Many of the mansions built for the city’s foremost families in the mid-19th century and early 20th century have since been transformed into consulates: diplomats from Russia and Poland to Czechia and Italy are the modern stewards of these spaces.

Mount Royal Club

A breath of fresh air

Resting against the slope of Mount Royal and bookended by the water, your new address is a friend to nature. Leisurely weekend strolls on the mountain, picturesque afternoons by the Old Port, and quiet moments admiring the majesty of the river are within arm's reach.

Beaver Lake
McTavish Promenade - McGill University
Mount Royal Park

Timeless opulence

Underpinned by more than a century of history and prosperity, the illustrious Golden Square Mile is ready to write its next chapter – and Du Musée wields the pen.